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Ana Curlyhat

May 14, 2010

Ana Curlyhat

by Giuliana Majo

© Giuliana Majo

Ana Curlyhat was a messy & bouncy girl. She was so messy that she always had different coloured socks. She always had holes in her trousers and her hair looked like a bird’s nest.
Ana lived in Sadbourough, a little industrial town close to the city of Happylesschester in the region of Grumptearmoodland. Sadbourough was a very pointy and angular town. It had lots of square and rectangular buildings and the windows looked like narrow open wounds in the concrete. Sadbourough was smoky, lukewarm and grey. The temperature was always average and the weather was always medium.The sun never shone, the rain never poured. However Sadbourough was a very busy and lively town: the train kept going in and out the central station and big factory machines were always spinning and chugging along: rattle, shake, ta-chang, cling-clang, bang!
Sadbourough’s inhabitants were always so busy that no one spent any time in the parks or looked after the gardens anymore. Gradually all the green grass patches and the multicoloured flower corners disappeared from the parks and they were replaced by big junkyards.
And that is where Ana Curlyhat used to play.
Ana liked to play alone, she liked to do summersaults and handstands and she also liked to jump, skip, hop, shuffle, step, dive, plunge, shake, bounce, slide, fall, turn, roll, run, crawl…The more Ana delved into her acrobatic endeavours the messier, tighter and thicker her hair would become. Ana’s hair had become so messy that it started to attract her schoolmates’ attention, comments and giggles.
To top that a fly and a moth built their homes in it. Everywhere Ana went, Moth and Fly followed. This created even more concern in school.
One day while Ana was leaping around, a bird that was flying back from far lands dropped a seed from his beak onto Ana’s head.
The next day… a flower grew. When her schoolmates saw it they were horrified and declared severely:

– You are too dirty, messy and smelly, we don’t want to play with you anymore: go away!

That day Ana walked back home very sad. She sat on her Thinking Sofa and thought as she always did in moments like this. She thought. And she thought. And she thought a bit longer.
And then: she had an idea. She would build a paper hat: to hide her hair from the rest of the school. The hat was big and beautiful.
Moth and Fly really liked being inside it and Flower poked out to side.
Everyone in school liked her new hat, even the Head Teacher.
However since Ana started wearing her new hat her head felt funny: heavy, puffy and itchy. It got worse as time went by. Her head became so heavy, puffy and itchy that now she could barely speak or move: let alone jump, skip and hop…Until one day, during school break time…It started to rain. Ana looked around realizing that it was raining only where she was standing.
-This is really odd – thought Ana as she looked up.

To her surprise she saw a big, puffy heavy cloud hovering over her head. As she looked closer she noticed that the cloud was shaking and trembling with giggles.
Hei up there! – She said – What’s so funny?

Cloud didn’t reply and continued giggling: the more cloud laughed the more it rained and the more it rained the wetter Ana’s paper hat became.
– Stop it… you are melting my hat! – said Ana nervously.
Cloud continued laughing.
– Stop! Go away or…I will…I will…punch you! –
As she said this Cloud stopped, looked at her and burst into tears.
The more Cloud cried the more it rained. It rained so much that Ana’s hat melt completely and her curls started to pop out in every direction…
And this is what it happened: Ana’s chest became really tiny and her heart really big, her fists clenched, her teeth grinned, her face reddened and as she threw kicks and punches in the air she screamed with anger:
– Leave me alone, go away, I hate you I hate you I hate everybody!
Cloud disappeared. The Head Teacher came out into the playground and was shocked by what she saw. She was really disappointed with Ana’s behaviour and was forced to send Ana back home early.
Ana was sad and once home she sat on the Thinking Sofa and thought, as she always did in moments like this. She thought
And she thought And she thought a bit longer and then
– I’m sorry – said Cloud peeping from behind the sofa.

Ana was silent.
– I was so happy that I had finally found a flower in this town that I started crying for joy.
Ana looked at Cloud perplexed, but not convinced.
– When you told me to go away I got upset: No one wants clouds or rain and there are no flowers to water: I feel useless and disliked in this town
And as Cloud said this he started shaking and trembling again.
– Ok, ok…Pull yourself together! – Ana finally said – I am sorry …there must be something we can do to make you feel better – she continued.
Cloud sat next to Ana on the Thinking Sofa and together.
They thought. And they thought. And they thought a bit longer. And then Ana had a great idea! They went speedily to the birds that flew back from far lands and asked to borrow all the seeds they had.
Then they ran to the junkyard where they built a Seed-Spitting Machine. At this point Ana climbed on top of Cloud with the Seed-Spitting Machine. They flew over Sadbourough seed-spitting the whole town. Once that was done Ana tickled Cloud so much that he started laugh wildly, and so it rained. The next day Sadbourough was a different town: colourful flowers were popping out from every corner and in every direction! Sadborough’s inhabitants were so happy they started to take care of their gardens and parks again.
So all was good and the Head Teacher was so impressed with Ana’s Seed-Spitting Machine that she gave her a certificate for best science project of the year. Ana was happy again, and now she has a new friend: Martha who doesn’t mind Ana’s extravagant behaviour…she loves it!!
And Cloud? Ana tickled Cloud so much that it rained.
The more it rained the smaller he got, until he became so small that he disappeared. Ana was worried but Martha told her that Cloud had become water and it had sunk into the ground and slipped down through the rocks all the way to the centre of the earth where it reached smooth rocks where it would emerge again at the surface to evaporate and turn into Cloud again.
And so it did.

© All rights reserved

Ana Curlyhat is an illustrated children story  looking for a publisher on paper.

Please contact the author if you are interested:


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