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She asked me

March 6, 2015


Chiara Cordelli & Gennaro Rendlesham

© Chiara Cordelli



She asked me

by Cosimo K


she asked me

that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing

even if I don’t know what I’m doing

do it she told me

do it

do one circle and two minutes

and what’s that? I asked her

the answer is not in the wind outside

but here somewhere in this room now theatre she told me

even if she didn’t tell me that

well I understand I said

even if I hadn’t really understood

and I hadn’t really said that

but you know there is a market just around the corner

where you can buy what you can buy

so that when you buy something

you know that you are buying something

I buy 4 mangoes 5 oranges (the little ones)

2 grapes (the black ones)

and some plums

yellow and dark

every week

on Monday normally

even if this is not true

I mean it’s not true anymore

I used to do it when I was younger

in August to be precise

but you know August is the cruelest month

much more than April, Thomas

and you should know that

now we start

I don’t know what

we start

the starting point


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